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Nabil khemirComposer, Guitarist, Lute-player and Singer

An amazing fusion between Arabic music and western jazz featuring the ‘Rayjam’, a combination of the Arabic lute and electric guitar, performed by it’s inventor.

Tunisian born fusion lute/guitarist Nabil Khemir, has spent a lifetime crafting his artistic skills and musical vision. Growing up in the metropolis of Tunis, Nabil Khemir was captivated by the enchanting sounds of North African Egyptian music and it’s rich cultural heritage. This inspirational and aural excitement propelled Nabil Khemir to yearn for a unique musical instrument and voice. On his ninth birthday Nabil got his wish, receiving a musical lute to explore the shapes and sounds that this young boy was hearing.

Quickly adapting to this majestic instrument, this child prodigy begin playing pubic performances, thus continuing to show great musical promise. Not one to waste time, Nabil continued to practice and learn on his own, as well as from the great recordings of Western jazzmen such as George Benson; John McLaughlin; John Coltrane and Pat Methany to name a few. In addition to learning from his favorite recording’s, Nabil took his educational wishes a step further when he sought out the famous lute player Ali Sriti for several private master classes.

In 2004, Nabil decided to create a hybrid instrument which would allow him to share his true musical voice and vision that he was hearing deep within his soul. So after several years of research and development, Nabil’s artistic vision paid off when he completed his one of a kind double neck lute/guitar instrument which he aptly named, “RayJam”. This unique instrument, allows Nabil Khemir to explore and share his musical playfulness by having an electric lute and electric guitar within grasp at a moments notice.
Nabil has performed at the international festivals of Klaipeda, Tanger, Carthage, Netherlands, Minsk, Tabarka and Hammamet. He has played with Melodie Gardot, Joachim Kühn and drummer Chander Sardjoe.


After a stunning blind audition and a very strong battle Nabil starred in the liveshows of The Voice van Vlaanderen 2017. Nabil joined the Q Music live sessions in November 2017. He also appeared in the film Cairo Jazzman from Atef Bouzid which will run this year in many European cinemas.

He is currently active as a freelance soloist for jazz, rai and worldmusic and as a guestplayer in several bands at festivals and various events offering a program that ranges from jazz, to funk, as well as Rai, oriental music or world pop songs.

He also gives workshops about guitar and lute and how combining two very different music styles and scales.
Received awards
Nabil participates in 2007 to the American music contest for creation and improvisation and receives (among 2000 candidates from 40 countries worldwide) the honor award for his composition Parfum d’orient et d’occident.
Nabil receives in 2008 the medaille of culture from Tunisia for his cultural contribution to his country.