01 Jan 1970 |

Nabil Khemir

“More than a poet, the musician is a heavy-hearted loner. He populates the desert with his own feeling. A secret spring, in a rock, in the middle of the extended barrenness, and he wanted, while trying to pierce the sandstone, to make gush the flooding water over the whole area of sands so as to quench this everlasting thirst, by salving his impetus.”

That was how, one day, the writer AndrĂ© Saurès described the mood of the genuine musician, the one who “includes” passion, improvisation and invention. In reality, here were the secret tears of this guitarist, lute-player, Nabil Khemir, who has invested himself with an ardent passion, towards music, until inventing an exclusive musical instrument: the blending of guitar and lute on a single medium, called Rayjam : in other words “radiance of harmony”.