09 Jan 2014 |


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project nabil khemir pic Nabil Khemir & Michelle Rounds

After a successful performance, the blend of both musical talents of Nabil Khemir and Michelle Rounds has been broadly welcomed and enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience. Michelle Rounds (Australia) and Nabil Khemir mix their musical influences and adopt their own style in various jazz standards and a large selection of Nabil’s own compositions. Michelle’s vocal improvisations and Nabil’s oriental tunes add a fresh new touch to the performance.


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 Nabil Khemir band

Azuolas Paulauskas- drums, Raimondas Dauphinas- keyboard, Domas Aleksa – bass
In the spirit of a fusion between world music and jazz Nabil has put together this group of musicians to be able to reach out to all kind of cultures and musicstyles.




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Nabil Khemir solo

Nabil khemir- vocals, guitar, lute
Nabil performs his fusion songs as well as his special composed worldpop songs as the oriental standards from his childhood.




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 Nabil Khemir workshops and masterclasses

Nabil conducts master classes for small groups with a set program that can be pre-designed and pre-determined in advance. Workshops and Clinics where Nabil lectures on his instrument and how combining to so different musicscales and styles are also part of his presentation.